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international ideas competition (not selected)

Sagres, Portugal, 2015


Vertical Path to the Horizont


"Promontorium Sacrum - magical place where the sunset is much larger than anywhere else".

I turn my head more then 180 degrees and there is a Line...A continuous and horizontal Line. Is the Horizonte.

This is the base for this project. A proposal to emphasizes this Horizontality given by the Ocean, using the contrast given by the verticality of the excavated rock. The visitor will be smashed by the grandiosity of the open nature, preceded by the enclosure of the artificial spaces. 






The different spaces will appear subtracting volumes in the rocks. The visitor have access to a big scale  interior room/Foyer through a path that grows in verticality. From there and after the impact of this clausure, is the connection to the resting room (west sunset), and 2 other vertical paths craved on the rock that ends on the horizontality of the Atlantic Ocean.  

On the surface, over the big scavated room, ends a opened leveled path that comes from the car parking. There is an open square for diferent activities, where the information point, storage and an the elevator (vertical connection to the excavated spaces) are located.




Relaxing Room






Concept: Doing

Localization: Sagres, Portugal

Year: 2015

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