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Zieget Festival  (not built)

Budapest, Hungary, 2016

     This propose comes in the sequence of other earth construction study case developed for a Festival in Portugal, one year before (“Jardins Efémeros”, Viseu). This time "Sziget" is a Music Festival in Hungary, a local of gathering of people with different backgrounds.The intention is to somehow contribute on the education level about the potential of this material but also experiment unusual structures using only earth as material of construction.  

This is a 100% rammed earth structure. With 4 m heigh. The main Idea is to build a refugee (a reinterpretation of the Peter Zumthor Chapel), a space in the middle of the festival where the people can meet or stay alone, as a local of reflexion and reunion on small scale, contrasting with the crowded open area of the festival.

This intervention is based on the research and development of traditional techniques in the Europe countries as well on the analysis of contemporary production. 






Concept: Doing

Localization: Budapest, Hungary

Year: 2016

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