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DOING with: Michael, Lucas De Smelt, Hossein Tarabichi 

(Integrated in the BC Architects and Case Design Advanced Workshop ) 

Brussels, Belgium (2019)






LOCAL EXCAVATIONS and DEMOLITIONS were key words for this Rammed Earth workshop as a study promoted by BC Architects (Belgium) and Case Design (India) for a building in India. 

The main goal was to explore a small PRE-FABRICATED element that could be assembled as a wall and that could be used individually. The earth used was essentially  a mix of local earth excavations and local building demolitions (as aggregates) . A normal formwork was used in which could be added elements inside in order to achieve the desired shapes for the RAMMED EARTH Element. 

The option in our case was not to add anything inside the formwork, but try out a singular shape just by the way the earth was rammed... or not rammed! 

IMG_4174 alt WEB.jpg


Making of, rammed earth Element:

web B IMG_9387 alt.jpg
web A DSC08076 alt.jpg
web A DSC08041 alt.jpg
web A DSC08051alt .jpg
DSC08055 alt site.jpg
web DSC08058 alt.jpg
web DSC08069 altt.jpg
web A DSC08075 alt.jpg



web B DSC08092 alt.jpg
web IMG_9360.jpg
web B IMG_9372 alt.jpg
web B IMG_9180 alt.jpg
web IMG_9357.jpg


web C DSC08147 alt 2.jpg
web DSC08154.jpg



web IMG_9331.jpg


IMG_4165 alt WEB.jpg


IMG_4224 alt WEB.jpg


IMG_4219 alt WEB.jpg



Workshop: BC Materials, Case Design

Element concept: Nuno Vasconcelos, Michael, Lucas de Semelt, Hossein Tarabichi 

Photos: Nuno Vasconcelos

Localization: Brussels, Belgium

Duration: 2 weeks

Year: 2019

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