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DOING with: Jörg Depta, Lehmbauwerk company

Berlin, Germany (2013 - 2016)

Working on rammed earth and earth plasters, with company. 

During these years, we had the opportunity to work in many different contexts, going from private houses to public buildings. Most of them are in and around Berlin, Potsdam and Hannover. 

EARTH MATERIAL: By costs reasons and also time rentability the mixed material was provided by producers like Conluto and Claytec, guaranteeing certification and quality of the earth according to the german standard for rammed earth and for plasters. HEATING SYSTEM: with the same methodology as underfloor heating, some walls have integrated heating system, either in earth plaster walls as in rammed-earth walls.

Some exemples:


DSC07619 alt.jpg
DSC07666 alt.jpg
DSC07632 alt.jpg
DSC07700 alt.jpg
P1030627 alt.jpg
P1030594 alt.jpg



DSC07655 alt.jpg
DSC07615 alt b.jpg



I DSC04285 cópia alt.jpg
DSC04282 cópia alt.jpg
I zDSC04284 cópia alt.jpg



DSC04384 alt.jpg
DSC04333 alt.jpg



DSC04459 alt.jpg
DSC06610 alt.jpg
DSC06497 ALT.jpg



DSC06492 alt.jpg



03 P1060157 alt b.jpg
P1060203 alt.jpg



P1060238 alt.jpg



DSC06382 alt.jpg
DSC06144 alt.jpg
DSC06436 copia alt.jpg
DSC06428 alt.jpg
DSC06435 cópia alt b.jpg



DSC07897 alt.jpg
DSC07887 alt.jpg
DSC07884 alt.jpg
DSC07835 alt.jpg





Earth Mix and composition: Claytec, Conluto

Planning of execution: Nuno Vasconcelos, Jörg Depta 

Rammed Earth and Formwork: Nuno Vasconcelos, Jörg Depta 

Earth Plasters: Nuno Vasconcelos, Jörg Depta 

Localization: Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg 

Years: 2013 - ...

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