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Land Mark, Arts Village (not built)

Ghana, 2017

A reference point on the landscape, made with RAMMED EARTH.

A meditation and reflexion place. A tower for introspection with a special focus on the element earth, not only as the most comum construction material in the area, but especially as a phisical place and part of nature. 

In contrast with the smooth surfaces of the exterior, the natural lighting from the top, emphasizes the raw earth surfaces on the interior, giving the visitor a vision about the element earth in his pure state, creating an unique atmosphere. 

From the technical point of view, this 

construction explores the potenciality of rammed earth with a new PLASTICITY and TEXTURE as a result of an EXPERIMENTAL METHODOLOGY. With a perimetral formwork, the earth is compacted only on the borders, leaving the center with uncompacted earth. When finished, this uncompacted earth will be removed creating then the interior space with a raw surface.






Concept: Doing

Localization: Arts Village, Ghana

Year: 2017

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