This was a project from Gabriela Albergaria for the festival "Jardins Efémeros".

Under the thema "Paradoxo", a king (D.Duarte), a Olive Tree, and LOCAL EARTH are the main stakeholders on the project´s concept, having also a sound installation conceived by Pedro Tudela.

A confront between the man´s power and the Nature was materialized with a PRE-FABRICATED  RAMMED EARTH element, a Olive tree on the top, and a platform with rammed




DOING with Gabriela Albergaria, Pedro Tudela,

Nuno Durão and "Jardins Efémeros" Festival

Viseu, Portugal (2017)






The sound installation from Pedro Tudela, is based on recorded sounds of the rural environment around Viseu, All this ephemeral composition, changed the perception of the space by the combination of: sound, smell, textures and and materials.










A compromise was taken between the earth available in this region of Portugal and the visual expectations for this piece. To achieve the ideal mixture for rammed earth, we used different types of soils available in this region. For the execution of the all project was essencial the effort from different local people, that even not used with this construction methodology, were able to help us, finding together solutions to face the difficulties during all the process. This work was divided in phases:

-Earth research ant testing;

-Earth preparation and final mixture;

- pre-fabrication of a rammed-earth element (12Ton);

-Transport and installation of the pre-fabricated element;

- Construction on site of a rammed earth floor (20Ton).

Earth research ant testing:

Earth preparation and final mixture:

pre-fabrication of rammed-earth element (12Ton):

Transport pré fabricated element (12Ton):

setting up of the installation and rammed earth floor (32 Ton of earth were used in total):

But... like everything we do in these world, this is also EPHEMERAL

The earth returns to earth. 



Project Concept: Gabriela Albergaria

Sound Installation: Pedro Tudela

Consulting and Thecnical Support: Doing​

Coordenation: Nuno Vasconcelos

Execution: Nuno Vasconcelos, Matos&Marques Lda, Sr. Manuel​

Metal Structure Planing: Nuno Durão Arquitectos

Photos: Nuno Vasconcelos / Fernando Carqueja

Localization: Viseu, Portugal

Year: 2017