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(commissioned by BC ARCHITECTS) 

Lisbon, Portugal 2022)






In the sequence of the work developed so far in Portugal, about MATERIAL CIRCULARITY on raw EARTH CONSTRUCTION, such as earth excavations from building places and demolitions, DOING was commissioned bei BC Architects, from Brussels,  to design and produce a Rammed Earth bench (that could go from 5 to 8 meters long) for their contribution to Cycles exhibition within Lisbon Architecture Trienal 2022. 

DSC02727 alt.jpg


Once again, the LOGISTICS and timings associated with this work, were one of the main constrains to be thought trough the design process. By this reason, instead the construction in loco, the modular pre-fabrication become the solution adopted. Prototyping a vertical layer rammed earth modul was the guarantee to have a perfect and linear connection trough the elements when assembled together but also allowed to work more accurately on the details and shape of the individual module

02 DSC02522 alt 120.jpg
DSC02587 alt.jpg
IMG_0065 alt 120.jpg
DSC02849 alt 120.jpg


Cycles exhibition, Lisbon Architectures Trienal 2022:

DSC03101 alt 120.jpg
DSC03269 alt 120.jpg
DSC03309 alt 120.jpg
DSC03296 alt 120.jpg
DSC03274 alt 120.jpg
DSC03304 alt 120.jpg



Logistic facilities workshop: Associação Oficinas do Convento

Design and production:

Assembling collaboration: Teresa Rivera

Photos: Nuno Vasconcelos

Exhibition: Cycles, Lisbon Trienal 2022

Localization: Garagem Sul, Lisbon, Portugal 

Year: 2022

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