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International Competition - not selected

Bamiyan, Afghanistan, 2014






Inspired on the existing empty shapes from the Budhas sculptures and the caves around the area this project pretend to reshape the top of the mountain with a building that organize all the program in the same level in two main volumes and a big opened square facing and offering  a main view over the Bamiyan valley. 

The square its a central multifunctional open space, and the entrance for the two volumes. Each one of them is organized as the tipical architecture from the area,  using courtyards to support and extend the interior space.  

Earth from the ground  is the main construction material for building. This allows not only to use the most available material in the region but also allows to integrate the population of Bamiyan during the construction, using the knowledge of old techniques from the heritage construction.

All the excavation material is re-used for the construction.






Concept: Doing

Localization: Bamiyan, Afghanistan 

Year: 2014

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